Our advice to staying on treatment

When your doctor prescribes you Fultium-D₃, they should also tell you what to expect after you have completed your first course of treatment. Because you are at risk of vitamin D deficiency, you may need to continue maintenance treatment on an ongoing basis. While it may be frustrating to have a daily treatment –  especially if you already take several medications – it’s important to build this into your routine. Ensuring you keep your vitamin D levels high is essential to protecting your bones.

There are some simple ways you can build a daily treatment into your life that may help you stay with your treatment course:

Take Fultium-D₃ with your most regular meal, such as breakfast, or when you brush your teeth

Pin a note to your fridge.

Set a daily reminder on your phone.


Regaining your vitamin D levels may take some time. But research shows that if you stay on your vitamin D treatment, your outlook is generally excellent.  Keep taking your medication to help your bones stay strong for life.

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Date of preparation: June 2019